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Monday, April 16, 2012

An aspiring writer...

So I've always had this fantasy that I would write a book.  What kind of book, you ask?  Well there are so many genres but there are a few that really appeal to me. 

First, I love historical fiction.  Phillippa Gregory's books on the Tudors are fascinating.  I love learning about how people lived and what they did and imagining how difficult things must have been.  Something about it just speaks to me.  I know that the story lines are made up but the history is real.  I guess it has to do with my fantasy of being a princess. 

I also love romance novels.  I used to be embarrassed by this but you know what?  I'm not the only one.  There are some amazing writers of women's fiction with some wonderful stories of their own on how they came to love romance and write about it.  They are strong women with strong backgrounds and they add wonder and fascination and most of all, love, to their stories. 

Lisa Kleypas is one of my favorites.  She tells such interesting stories full of wit, laughter, heartbreak, and of course love.  Kleypas makes her stories interesting by using real situations and bringing in some of her characters from some of her other books to help flesh out the story and usually prod the main characters in the right direction.

Third, I love science fiction.  Not the Star Trek science fiction (although I'm sure it's good, too) but the vampires and faeries kind.  When I say vampires, I don't mean the Cullens (another story for another post perhaps) but real vampires.  The kind that can't come out in the daylight and really do sleep in coffins.  I love a fantasy world that is spun into reality and woven seamlessly into our modern world.  I have found two authors, so far, that have drawn me into their worlds. 

Laurell K. Hamilton has two series.  Anita Blake, vampire hunter, is in love with a vampire and her life gets a little more complicated with each book.  Reading about Anita makes me wish I was a little more bad-ass.  That's one of the wonderful things about books though-they draw you in and allow you to go along for the ride and fantasize about yourself doing the same things.  Hamilton's other series, the Merry Gentry novels, is about a real-life American faerie princess.  It sounds pretty far fetched but Hamilton paints a vivid picture that makes Merry's struggle for the Unseelie throne seem perfectly believeable. 

Karen Marie Moning has a series called the Fever series.  I picked up the last book first and once I got started I realized my mistake so I went back and started at the beginning.  She, too, paints a world of mythical Irish legends and faeries and brings it to life through the eyes of MacKayla Lane.  Mac travels to Ireland to find out who is behind her sister's gruesome murder and uncovers far more than she ever though was possible.

Someday I would like to write a story that make others as excited as I am when I pick up a new book.  I have a few ideas tumbling around in my head right now and I would like to put them to paper (or computer screen) and see what happens.  I would probably write a romance, at least at first.  Maybe after I had some experience I could attempt something else.  For now it's not my priority but it is a dream that I hope I can see through. 

What's your dream that you've always wanted to try but have been to scared or unsure how to start?