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Monday, March 5, 2012

Bigger is not always better....

So, here were are.  Blog # 2.  Today's topic is dieting and health.  Now I haven't really "dieted" much but I do know how hard it is to make healthy choices.  Case in point:  Today, there are six (that's 6!) boxes of Girl Scout cookies at the office.  Now I have been trying extremely hard to not give in to the craving.  Sugar is the devil!  At least that's what I keep telling myself. 

All of my life I have been trained to eat sugar.  Desert after every meal.  No one telling me, "No, don't eat that!  It will give you cellulite and cause you to gain twenty pounds".  Years and years of the habit giving in to the craving for sweets are proving difficult to break.  It's not always the big stuff either.   Sugar sneaks up on you.  It starts as one cookie then turns into five.  Just a few Skittles becomes several handfuls.  Just a little soda becomes a 32 ouncer every day.  It's added to tea and foods like spaghetti sauce.  Years of this becomes an addiction.  It will kill you just like cigarettes or alcohol.  You may not get lung cancer or liver failure but you can become obese or get diabetes.

These are excellent reasons for me to give up sugar.  Now it's not easy.  Every. Single. Day. Is a struggle against myself.  I am working harder to track what I eat, exercise and put healthier snacks in front of me so I won't reach for the Skittles or those delicious Thin Mints.  It has helped that I have found inspiration and real stories.  Not some Jillian Michaels Biggest Loser fantasy. 

Taralynn McNitt is a young girl (I can say that because she's younger than me) who was unhappy with her image and made conscious decisions to change her eating habits and her lifestyle.  Her blog is full of delicious sounding recipes, personal pictures and her story.  She helped motivate me to kick start the exercise portion of my plan. 

The process is going to be a slow one.  I'm not trying to win a race and get skinny fast.  I just want to lead a healthier lifestyle so I can be around for a long time! 

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  1. Hello my name is Holly and I too am a sugar addict :( But we will beat this sugar thing!!!